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    I think that giving has different meanings. When giving, you donate or give yourself, precisely through what you give, because you make yourself present in the life and in the memory of that person.

    However, I believe that we have lost the dimension of the act of giving, by letting ourselves be carried away by a consumerist society that looks at the price and quality of the material object and forgets the psychological, spiritual and moral meanings that a gift has.

    When you are going to give away, you think about the person, your tastes, your desires, how happy you will feel when you receive that gift. At the same time, our desire is to get as close as possible to the satisfaction of the recipient.

    It even becomes an honor for that person to receive the present.

    It is precisely called present, because I make myself present or make that person feel present in my life.

    I believe that gifts should not be conditioned. Well, they must be born of the spontaneity and detachment of those who donate.

    It is given with joy, it is given without expecting anything in return, it is given by the simple pleasure of giving. Because in addition, the important thing is in the meaning of what is given. When giving, we are projecting … we are the gift.

    We must transcend material gifts, because I believe that the gifts we give from love are more important.

    Giving time, giving company, giving a big hug, an honest smile, giving a motivating word on time, giving respectful silence, is more valuable than giving away a car, a house, or an expensive perfume.

    Giving, spiritually speaking, brings benefits. This is due to the energy movement that occurs in the universe when we part with something of ours. Moreover, we must thank those who receive us, because that way it allows us to part and this emptiness that occurs attracts us, gifts.

    Now, I believe that understanding another is the most beautiful and meaningful gift we can give. Understand your motives, understand their causes, put me in their place, to avoid selfishness and injustice as well as give you the opportunity to expose your sorrows and pains and above all, give you the freedom to choose where you want to be and with whom, in certain short-term moments of his life.

    I believe in the generosity of love. I believe in the maturity of the freedom of those who expect to be respected in their decisions, so they do not share … just as I think there are more beautiful and affectionate ways of telling another: I need you, without the need to violate, condition or punish you with A gift for example.

    Therefore, this Christmas, my gifts will not be material. I will reunite with all my families, I will hug them deeply, I will celebrate with joy if some of them have not seen him for a long time, because he lives far away and gives me his valuable presence. I will look into the eyes of those I love and ask and give the gift of forgiveness to those who need it, because I am clear that nothing compensates for the years of unconditional company never conditioned and of course, I will give the gift of freedom and understanding when any of them , for whatever reason, may not or will not accompany us, to celebrate the meeting.




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